CONDITIONS OF USE is the online store of business branded Kaza Petroula (address  Boulevard Louis Mettewie 50/71 ,1080 Molenbeek Bruxelles)

The use of implies that expressly and unconditionally accept and consent to these terms.If you disagree with the following terms,send-us an e-mail at [email protected]

The company reserves the right to update the following terms and conditions ,for this reason ,please check the following terms at each visit at our online store.

All transactions made through the online store governed by international,European and Greek law ,for e-commerce.

OFFERED PRODUCTS is committed to the validity and quality of information published about products with prejudice the existence of any unforessen errors they may occur due to technical problems,printer or translation errors.The offered products and their values are selected by the company and can change without any warning.The prices quoted ,include VAT.


You have the possibility to order only product availability refers to our online store.

The possibility exists for a product to be shown available and not be .

It can happen for varius reasons,such as a temporary automatic updating of the warehouse for technical reasons.Or simultaneous sale of the product in our physical 

store.In this case you will be notified directly.When all the products of your order 

are available ,you have completed the payment method,immediately we send you the package.

Through the pages of your account management ,you can control the situation of your order.


Shipping costs adjusted according to the pricing policy of courier companies.Shipping costs are free only if the value of your orders is high.(bigger than euro 199) 

The pricing policy of shipping costs stated on our front page.

In your shopping basket and your order also.

Shipping costs are not charged in the case to return the product for a change  and 

If you use the forwarding we suggest.


You can pay by credit card ,paypal, and deposit at our account bank.


The normal delivery time is depending on your area.


You can( in 14 days of receipt of your order), to request change or return the product.

A change or return of product is accepted only, if you have the proof of purchase and the product has not been used.

You must have intact the original packaging and labels and generally has not been altered.

In case of changing a product ,if there is difference in the value of products ,we charge you ,or you’ll be credited, depending the difference.

In case of return of products ,the value of your product was returned in 14 days.

In case that the product returned is not in perfect situation ,the business has the right to refuse the replacement or the refund .Compensation claims, also.


You can cancel your order only, if the request for cancellation is prior to delivery 

 the order to the courier company.

If requested cancellation after delivery to courier company ,the procedure returns.


Personal data given in our shop will be used strictly for the contact between us.

You can entry in your data through the pages of account management and only you are the responsible for their validity.

You may want to update them or even request the complete their deletion.

Only you can entry their ,when you have to log in to your account ,using the security code ,you specified during registration.


Cookies are small files generated by the web pages are stored in your computer contains information necessary for the smooth running of the website.

Our online store use cookies for storing items such at shopping cart ,username ,etc

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